Vaccine Card Protector CDC Immunization Paper Arae 4 X 3 Inch Waterproof Clear PVC Horizontal Cover Holder Resealable Reusable Multifunctional ID Card Name Tag Badge Cards Holder Sleeve 2 Packs

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  • PLEASE NOTE :CDC Vaccine Card size may vary, please measured for size references before purchase this vaccine card protector / vaccine card holder. TIPS: If doesn’t Fit, Extra Spaces are provided in the Upp]er parts, Underneath the Sealing Zip.
  • Airline Quick Entry: Wear the vaccine card protector and lanyard for your vaccine card, Display it at the Airport for quick entry, like a vaccine card cleaner, stay dry and save your time. Could be reused for other Cards, Badges and so on. Great to use while working, for Teachers, Students, Doctors,Nurses, Officers, Workers, Polices, Volunteer and More. Could also use for attending events such as volunteering and conferences etc, show your identity and protect your valuables from damages.
  • Damage and Scratch Free: Durable, Strong and Flexible PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) material, great strength, will NOT break easily, fold and refold without leaving a scratch, WATERPROOF, cdc vaccination card holder/vaccination card protector could protect your card from damages, so that you could keep the proof of vaccine dose and enjoy your time. Transparent material and design with a SEALABLE Zipper, Keep your valuable safe without affecting visibility.
  • Multi-Functional: The size of Vaccination Card Protector are bigger than Credit Card, Driver License, Hotel Key Card and other types of cards with similar dimension, could insert up to 5 pieces. It is also Lightweight, you could use it for Camping, Road Trip, Hiking, Shopping and more. Safe and securely lock your valuable with Zip, protect your valuable without adding weight.
  • Dual-Use: The upper middle hole of the vaccination card protector are specially design for Lanyard, Keychain, Clip, Carabiner and more. Feel free to switch between any type or any colour to match your daily mood or styles.